Monday, May 18, 2015

3D Design: Ipod Holder

Our design in Tinkercad

Our design in real life

                  This idea was thought of and designed by Connor, Johnny, Rhys, and Charlie F. It is an awesome iPod 5 case. It is different because this one stands straight up on its own. Most of the other ones stand slanting, but our magnificent idea is more advanced and much improved and overall better.
We did the research and none were exactly like ours. Mostly because ours had the really cool holders that keep it up.

                 Engineering this idea was easy and tough at some parts. Johnny got the measurements and I did the main box for our design. Then Connor thought of the great idea of the holder and that is when we started to get our project going. Connor designed the holder and the holes at the top and bottom of the holder, so that you can get the iPod in and out, but remember this is only for the iPod 5.

                  We had a few bumps in the road including whether or not we should do chicken legs instead of two holders. Then Connor said if we were going to do holders we should just have them connected that is when Johnny and I agreed with him. After about 2 weeks we got Rhys to catch on. Another one of our disagreements was what color our design would be. We couldn't agree so we just made in plain white.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


           We just did a robotics project and we are writing about how STEM relates to it. STEM stands for  science, technology, engineering, and math. The project relates to math because we needed the exact calculations for how long the robot should go. We also needed to know how muck it move each wheel rotation.  We needed science because if the robot was in real live it needs to analyze the data it was picking up from the plants and see if they were doing well.  We used engineering because some one built the robot and that was engineering.  We also had to check each class if any parts had fallen out. If they had we would fix them.  Technology was probably the biggest part of this.  We needed the programs, computer and screen on the robot, which were all technology. The components in STEM were all key components to our project.